!!! #FearOfTheClown !!!

#EvilClownBoris is a #BadJoke.

The #WreckingBall of the economy’s #ControlledDemolition is the #DoomBuffoon of terrorizing the public with a mythical plague that manipulates them to steal their wealth and freedom, as speeches by Klaus Schwab for the #WorldEconomicForum and the #GreatReset.com confirm, along with the #GreatReset’s own ads, and the WEForum.org website.

!!! #FearFactory of #StagedConfusion and #DesignerUturns !!!

#DoomBuffoonBoris’ designer u-turns have disguised despotism as incompetence. He u-turned from herd immunity to lockdown, needlessly following the UN’s global-governance establishing plans. As open Sweden succeeded, the lockdown was fast established as a failed strategy, for a virus that he had known was already declining with herd immunity before he imposed it, yet he persisted with it. He u-turned on enforcing useless masks to choke and oppress.

!!! #HUMBUG !!!

Now he has u-turned on cancelling Christmas, as this continued obscene charade of staged sickness: using a virus which, in all its 99.8% survival insignificance, was probably man-made by globalists, judging by rare cases’ strange morphing pattern from colds to blood disorder.


Thus armed to imprison the general population, pending a cure for the common cold — famously non-existent as legend has it, though in truth present in much immunity-boosting, healthy food — those intent on destroying liberty declare draconian laws on unimportant issues, with the sole purpose of empowering muzzled police to impose invasive laws that make people feel controlled and afraid — and, at the same time, debilitate small businesses’ economic independence, top up fear (where the scam is starting to fail) and force the #GreatReset on a weakened, lockdown-thinned population.


The weak evil shown by Boris Johnson — in contrast to Trump’s Herculean humanity, easy decisiveness and intent to bring life back — leaves no way back for his #PointlessPremiership, as EU shackles have been replaced by the toxic lead weight of direct UN rule. 

For Brexit to mean freedom, Britain needs a Libertarian Republican Party — kick started by a huge, nationwide #TeaParty, to get rid of EVERY last one of the mad hatters presently poisoning life.

Let’s make it happen.

#KeepTheLight !!! #MerryChristmas

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