An immature, cowardly, group-dependent sense of entitlement to ride a globalist drift for self-advancement, has driven the globalist coup against American democracy — supported by Mark Zuckerberg, Boris Johnson, George Soros, Mitch McConnell and the sorry mass of FascistMarxismInternational, Inc.

Their bold eyed conviction that their vision of the best future course entitles them to cheat, in order to impose it against popular will is arrogant and wrong. Now that it has been put into criminal action against American democracy and the world economy, through political corruption that has cost lives and stolen trillions of dollars along with civic freedom, it needs to be punished.

It will be.


This injustice of cheated election 2020 is a great spring board from which to inspire freedom’s restoration. The military remains Trump’s, as does popular will for his power — a mandate which is constitutional, unlike the farcically corrupt Supreme Court decisions.

Given the state’s and the Republican Party’s betrayal of Trump, the people and the organisations behind the KAG movement need to form supporting structures — if an effective response to this outrageous, Soros-backed UN coup is to be made.

The wound is fresh — and hurting as it damages life.

The 70 million are ready — along with the Trump-loyal Pentagon, the world’s greatest military and the tool craved by the globalists, though by loyalty it is, and may remain, beyond their control.

We need popular martial law to support a second Trump term. We need people to hit the streets to support that — in their millions.

We need small businesses to open in mass defiance of mythical plagues real controlled economic demolition.

Get a flag and a phone camera — now!

Let’s go.

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