After a year of the mainstream media’s #ScamdemicPsyop, quiet, grey winter days can seem poetically charged with a dingy poison, with free truth confined to enlightenment’s isolated pockets.

Yet, with no surplus deaths, and ‘the virus’, in its 99.8% survival nonentity, remaining a psychologically projected imprint of groundless fear, from government and media to public, the sense of a ‘third wave’s darkest days’ remains entirely synthesised.

Any perceived prison is in the mind — and evaporable with will power and action. Non-compliance shines on as the unanswerable, mask-free solution to this fatuous over-reach by ever more despotic globalist Social Democrats, whose freedom-freezing links to the World Economic Forum, the Federal Reserve and the wider world banking system, demonstrate how fascism follows naturally from a merger of tax-hungry government, and power-hungry corporations — on which road globalised business and Chinese-backed global governance would like to have us, yet — without hacking our soul — cannot.

Say no, now — and be happy !!!

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