!!! #JustNo !!!

!!! #DrinkFromTheStream !!!


After half summer 2020 without masks, and mask-free Sweden with fewer cases than the UK of this non-plague, the fence-to-stop-a-fly #muzzle may be needed for years.

So says Mary Ramsay of widely discredited Public Health England. Even if this fake pandemic were real, demanding masks and distancing for years after virus wave, because some people on the planet were not vaccinated, is terrifying and outrageous. In reality, with HCQ cure available for minor problem, without need for DNA-programming mRNA vaccines, there is no need either for vaccines or to stop travel. No government that considers such things should be taken seriously.

To prevent this fatuous assault on liberty, more freedom marches, like those of 2020, will work wonders.

But what is the motivation behind this medically useless, unpopular attack on life — a sure vote-loser in any democracy without the now-failing media fear campaign? 

The level of corruption and totalitarian intent behind such behaviour on authority’s part is the ultimate motivation for us to take to the streets — and ensure that we do not live the nightmare that they would like to prescribe.


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