!!! #ReadySteal !!!

The official use of slogans, like the outrageously undemocratic and high-handed #NewNormal, as well as the #GreatReset’s #BuildBackBetter #LockdownCelebration, even as livelihood and life were choked, played a big rôle in warning the alert that this was a scam.

If it had not been, government would have highlighted that restrictions were temporary and had end date. The tone would have been apologetic and reassuring. It would have sought to calm, not frighten.

Instead, it sought to use needless fear of contagion to isolate people from each other — and to make establishment-controlled media their main information source.

A real plague would not have seen world population rise, as in 2020 it did. This virtual plague was a fear-levered attempt at stealing life, which unfolded with a seamlessness across multiple government, corporate and media organisations that suggested it must have been a long time in the planning.

The good news is that, unless they can hack consciousness, no one can steal freedom.

Keeping our DNA, immune system and minds vax free and uniting with all free spirits dooms this historically evil project.

Thanks in no small part to Piers Corbyn and his fellow activists, March 20 saw many wake.

Let’s make the light brighter still !!!

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