The orchestrators of the #Plandemic are thought — in a #UKcolumn discussion show — to have in place vaccinations which strengthen and amplify virus transmission, making it more powerful, until more people are convinced to take the vaccine against what is, by then, a vaccine-engineered superbug.

!!! #PainReaction !!!

Vaccination makes people amplifying superconductors of a virus which was originally pretty harmless — but could become problematic. Is that why we are now seeing more ‘cases’ in countries which have rolled out the vaccines, compared with last year?

Mass refusal of the vaccine may prevent the formation of a virus-amplifying circuit — as well as leaving individuals with intact immune systems, and without criminally vaccine-engineered vulnerability to future viral releases (like the one released by teenagers last Autumn generated by a supposed nasal spray flu-vaccine).

Dr Sherri Tenpenny explains the vaccines’ harmful mechanism of continued antibody-generation, which attacks organs. The vaccine is an on-switch without an off-switch, which changes the body’s disease combat method, and exposes it to its own misfiring immune system, setting up a system in which multiple organ failures can occur — and be attributed to Covid, licensing more lockdowns, futile and harmful as they are, and would be under any circumstances. See link below


The answer is simple — and easy once you have decided.

Reject the vax — and join the awaking masses, who marched for freedom on March 20 and will be back soon — in even bigger numbers. This shared light, truth and love is the type of #ChainReaction that we want.

#WeAre8billion !!! #WeAreFree !!! #NoNewNormal !!! #CosWeWantTo

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