!!! FLOW RIDER !!!

Much of recent entertainment has absorbed Hollywood’s pop-occult, epitomised by select performances from Lady Gaga and Rihanna, as well as a vibration of being. Big business became acquisitive cronyism, not an individual endeavour of survival, creating, selling and giving.

But the Super Bowl, Hollywood films, and cabal sponsorship of sporting events continued — and everyone turned a blind eye, content to enjoy the cheap thrills of evil’s borders.

The public had subscribed to the dark — because they had stopped caring about doing the right thing for its own sake. It is from that self-judged morality — and not convenience-conformism to authority — that the confidence to resist bad authority, like the #CovidHoax, comes.

Big business has morphed from a success story of personal freedom, to an international blackmail cabal, now merged with international government, and treating its bosses — the customers — as slaves.

This is fascism.

Now, the same people that went along with the seductive twilight of the old, evil mainstream, feel confused and powerless in the face of Covid propaganda: yet those who retain the empowering thrust of their inner moral authority are still free. The core voice of their moral compass holds their heads up, mask-free, amidst the muzzle-despotism of shops and public transport.

It is this liberating morality that the US constitution has crystallized into law — without the divisiveness of affiliation to any one religious body. In doing so, it has endowed the #RedState freedom of the American Republic with vital strength.

 As open Florida shows, when that strength becomes a habit, freedom keeps critical mass — great news for Britain as it counters Boris Johnson’s illegal outlawing of going abroad.

#WeAreFree !!! #CosWeWantTo

!!! #FlowRider, Will Smith !!!

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