They lie to frighten. They say keep calm and cry on. They say loved ones will die, to frighten more and create demand for prison.

They announce House Arrest, shocking and hypnotizing. Their #NewNormal slogan passes a #LifeSentence — driving us to believe their assurance of 3 weeks (or was it 12). 

We sleepwalk a tense nightmare.

But the stats are flawed — and the blogosphere shows 90% of deaths in those seriously ill from other causes, merely included on the pretext of being ‘with Covid’. Believing this is scary — and drives us back to trusting government to reopen, even if they were wrong.

A month later, a slow reopening is reversed to more lockdown. This is despite Sweden’s unlocked success — and PCR tests 91% #FalsePositive. The government have the option of opening.

But they don’t take it. They go against all logic, humanity and the libertarian mainstream media in #TheDailyTelegraph, and the lockdown again.

And again after Christmas. And, with half the population vaccinated, they ban holidays (which took place last year) making post-vax life less free than pre-vax life — already.

US military website Deagle.com predicts a 70% fall in the US population by 2025. What makes them so sure? And why are vaccines for a 99.9% survival condition being forced with draconian and ridiculous measures, while media has been weaponised with Covid hypnosis for a year. See link below.


And why have deaths in some areas got worse since the vaccine roll out?

Behind the #GreatReset lies KlausSchwab and his transhuman fascist technocracy.

Driving the #GreatReject are free humanity and love.

#MarchForFreedom !!! #MakeKlausFamous !!! #CosWeWantTo

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