‘I’m the head of that school … I’m in favour of this!’

Those were the words of the Head Teacher of Fulham Boys School, on rejecting a #CovidJab information leaflet as he returned to his school building, the day of the vaccine rollout for 12 – 15 year olds, by the government, against its advisors’ recommendation.

The most frightening aspect of his utterence was its automatic linking of being a teacher, and being in favour of the jab — even extending to a slight sarcasm of tone, to the effect that, if I had known that he was the Head Teacher, I would not have had the nerve to approach him.

In reality, his position makes it more important that he investigate this issue critically, and that others inform him of all viewpoints, given the matter’s vital importance to the teenagers in his care: teenagers that he should be teaching free, critical thinking, not least by example.

The attitude underlying his fleeting, telling comment to me suggests that he is failing as both guardian and educator. Luckily, the intelligent, open response of many teenagers, who took leaflets on their way out of school, confirms that, even in the institutions at the heart of the establishment’s brainwashing centres, an awakening is spreading throughout humanity: the ultimate education.

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