With wars, or openly turning on their own people, governments and super-governmental world powers could destroy economies much faster, and save everyone time.

But they don’t, because doing that would incriminate them. That is why they use an engineered virus of little consequence to fake a plague, as an excuse for a long drawn out assault on life and freedom.

Official ponderings on life never being free again sit unconvincingly next to debunking, unpoliticised science, and the pre-planned globalist #GreatReset, the harmful, impoverishing and enslaving nature of which for humanity means it would never be accepted unless by force, on the grounds of a fake emergency, alleged by organisations who retained the denial-fortified confidence of a public, the betrayal of which was their institutional mission.

So years pass as the charade of pandemic waves license murdering injections, and authorities keep people in prison to make it seem real — and enable the crime to go on.

Having seen that, we can stop it.

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