On Tuesday, 28 Sept, in Brighton, at a fringe meeting of Momentum’s #GreenNewDeal initiative, ‘TheWorldTransformed’, #Momentum drowned out Piers Corbyn’s anti-Globalist #LetTheUKlive.com. Piers, and fellow campaigner Heiko Khoo, had been speaking for mere minutes, in the open air, outside the event marquee, when security attacked them both, and — although some attending members clearly supported both men’s right to be heard — Heiko was physically dragged out, with Piers forced to leave some minutes later.

Debating by silencing and ejecting the opposition indicates not having anything to reply: the jealous emptiness at cancel culture’s core.


This Stalinist approach to debate came just two days after the same group’s Guardian-reported ejection of the same pair from a panel discussion meeting. That, previous silencing of disagreement followed debate moderators’ ignoring Heiko’s and Piers’ raised hands for a #ClimateChange question and answer in favour of a sought contribution from ‘a black person, a young person or a woman’.

The party of progress thus brought racism, ageism and sexism to one, idea-blocking edict: showing not judgement-poisoning prejudice, but also fear of the truth of #ClimateChange’s being natural, not man-made, with CO2 changes an effect, not a cause, of sun-driven climate change. For it had been pronouncing this that got Piers Corbyn silenced. Labour would not listen to a lifelong human rights campaigner, and scientific demonstrator, through his successful weather forecasts, of his sun-driven climate assertion.

This proved that Labour follows neither democracy, nor science, and that — through its mindless, common-purpose surrender to globalism’s communo-fascist indoctrination — a once-genuine movement has become deliberately, toxically and dangerously deceptive.

The time is ripe for independent people power to replace Labour’s empty, authority-hijacked opposition-failure.

Million-by-million, they are doing just that.

#ScamdemicBusters Piers and Heiko mask up as disguise to get past security, in the form, Labour’s anti-opposition heavies.

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