Labour security LINED the pavement outside the Brighton Metropole Hilton Hotel with PLANTED SUPPORTERS to try to HIDE the growing public anger with the political estblishment for the tyranny of the #CovidClimateCon, and Labour’s treasonous surrender to the NWO establishment.


But Piers Corbyn got through with his microphone and called out Kier Starmer’s brazenly fake charade of opposition, that endorses despotism to disgrace not only his Labour leadership, but the political establishment of which Her Magesty’s Opposition is a part. In this regard, it continues the sorry reduction of political leadership to an executive role on behalf of the NWO, as when Tony Blair’s #NewLabour lied to help make 9/11 a springboard for illegal, deepstate-driven invasions.

The routine nature of protocols to shield politicians from the public at key moments undermines democracy by making them less accountable. It is accepted by the public in the same way as Hollywood entourages, yet is deeply dangerous, especially now as freedom’s restoration depends on the real vox pop being heard.

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