Is the Muckletoon of Langholm, in Southern Scotland, LEADING the people’s pushback against the encroaching, irrational dictatorship of environmental bureaucrats?

Sitting at the Eastern end of Dumfries and Galloway, the 2,000 strong town, long a #RedStateWarrior of Borders Rugby, is a potential fount of revolution against the ever greater, ever madder, encroachment of #Agenda2030: the UN’s hijacking of local councils, to impose unwanted infrastructure projects on small towns, as part of a wider plan to remove control of houses and land from the people’s grassroots to the misty summit of governments, banks and corporations.

The UN’s unelected worldwide micromanagement of life, housing, work, travel and energy has now extended — via manipulation of local governments — to the high-handed madness of imposing a scenery-wrecking wall along Langholm’s beautiful Esk river-front.

The community-splitting structure has been designated for Langholm by decree of Dumfries and Galloway regional council. Although Langholm has not suffered from flooding — despite the SEPA’s flood-driving refusal to dredge rivers — the regional council seems set to force the wall on the town, along with its attendant destruction of nature, tourism, fishing and scenery.

In the local newspaper, The Eskdale and Liddlesdale Advertiser, residents describe a supposed ‘consultation’ event as actually being a ‘statement of intent’.

If Dumfries and Galloway Regional Council is acting on behalf of its council tax payers, it needs to make next weekend’s consultation a genuine, two-way conversation. It needs to listen to local people’s views, and base its future decisions regarding the proposed wall on those, and on their holders’ collective ownership of their town, in legal supremacy to its own position as a non-proprietorial, people-funded executive committee.

The citadel of the Common Riding needs no unlawful instruction from its civic servants on how to manage and use its marches.


Joy, peace and wonder are the states of consciousness stolen by the Globalists, especially through the work of their #ClimateCO2NSTER faction.

They twist and blunt science with the fake doom that gives abusive leverage to energy-stealing, life-controlling lies.

!!! #FakeGreenReapers !!!

In a cult of human-blame and manipulation, they act like a warped, divinity-distorting church.


Their deceitful threats of #ManMadeGlobalWarming inject blackmailing fear and falsity into the educational wonder of our sun-driven climate. They do this just as a #GrandSolarMinimum’s descent to a #MiniIceAge renders the frosty magic reality, and a natural gift for children, and — at the same time — makes the sourcing of cheap, abundant energy vital for supporting human life.

As our accelerating, post-1998 cooling demands the fossil-fueled warmth of coal, oil and gas — civilisation’s best radiator for three centuries — it is the twin fake crises of the #CovidScamdemic and mythical, anthropogenic global warming that license the locking down of life, heat, work and travel to #NetZero. This choking of humanity is their common UN author’s aim, in line with the 4th Industrial Revolution’s #GreatReset, as planned by KlausSchwab of the #WorldEconomicForum. As planned, smart meter energy-rationing seeks to accommodate the blackouts forecast by the late Christopher Booker due to the mad, bad fossil phase-out, we are left to consider the motive behind UN policies.

??? WHY ???

Lockdowns for a 99.99% survival rate complaint — a nasty but insignificant engineered flu — served to attack the economy, and to cost net lives, through economic damage and through disrupted healthcare and postponed operations. Yet, they continued, despite the better stats achieved by open Florida and Sweden. The holding of freedom hostage succeeded in selling the jab to millions as the only escape from lockdown jail when — as experimental biotech, with a heavy and ugly short-term failure rate — it would not otherwise have been accepted.

What was in the jab, that those behind world governance planned and executed this programme to have millions accept it, before going further and making the jab a condition of work in Italy, of supermarket shopping in Lithuania, and of not being fined in Australia’s Northern Territory?

This last governmental crime is a still greater violation of an individual’s sacred control of their body, enforced with unholy despotism, and on a scientific foundation as flawed as the #ClimateCO2N, yet one now the basis not just for dinner party debate, but Western freedom’s life sentence.


As well as possible depopulation, to remove the surplus unskilled as robots take their jobs more obediently, cheaply and efficiently, is the jab a vibrational lowering of DNA, to prevent human awakening to the vampiric hypnosis of the #FedReserve banking cartel, and the God-forsaking energy behind it?

Max Planck noted that wave energy is equal to frequency, multiplied by a constant since named after him. As consciousness’ frequency is lowered, do surroundings seem relatively higher vibrational and hotter?

Is that why aspirant vibrational risers, in this, earthly realm, aim to be angelic star-beings after future ascension? And is that why low vibrational beings are said to burn in hell, their cold baseline chilled below the point of survival when connected to the relative heat of surroundings at higher resonance?

Is that why the World Banking system has shut down economies for a curve-flattening two years, destroying lives to push a medically needless, light-blighting injection, for as many billions as will succumb to the bullying of martial law and media lies?

!!! #DownTheTube: the flailing, #ToxicTreason of the British establishment demands a #TeaParty on the #EastSide of the pond !!!

Tube muzzles have been ditched by about 25% of travellers.

The importance, to the anti-human globalist psy-op, of Sadiq Khan’s continuing to make them ‘mandatory’ (which authorities know does not mean legally compulsory), is shown by the intensification of the abusive PA announcements, which now claim that wearing masks is ‘a condition of carriage’.

Ever more know that they are no such thing — and that a government that threatens lockdown prison for jab rejectors represents a criminal establishment, at war with its people, and meriting non-compliance on a revolutionary scale.

It is time for a #BritishTeaParty.

!!! The BLACKMAIL of #TheNaziParty IS today’s British Conservative rule, as #RabidJabid THREATENS the public with #PoisonOrPrison !!!

PEOPLE, PARENTS AND KIDS are REJECTING #BorisJohnson’s criminal #DeathJab …


!!! #TakeToTheStreets !!!

He has suggested that, after the #ClimateCO2N summit, #Cop26, there may be MORE COVID RESTRICTIONS. This outrageously patronising life sentence for freedom shows apparent belief that supposedly deadly covid PCR-false-positives are LESS important than the sacred UN hoax of #ManMadeClimateChange.

It is a piece of ridiculous, high-handed evil, that typifies this cabal-enslaved government’s nature as a bad joke, which has gone on too long.

We are 25 million.

!!! To bring Boris down, #TakeToTheStreets !!!


The UN power-grab, pushed with the twin frauds of the climate and covid hoax, is often described by leftwing anti-globalists as fascist, and rightwing libertarians as communist.

The communo-fascist pyramid of the NWO involves both. Its summit combines governments, banks and mega-corporations, a state-corporate partnership for world governance that is the definition of fascism. Its base is left of centre, culturally Marxist, national puppet governments, whose fake-progressive mantle licences their tax and power grab, in the name of the covid and climate con, in their mission to become bloated platforms for imposition of NWO edicts.

To stop this process, as well as busting the #CovidClimateCon, we need to identify its author: we need to expose the sober, suited criminals of government, business and mainstream media, or — riding blind public trust in pinstripes — they will reoffend with a new, life stopping hoax.

!!! #ChariotOfFreedom !!!

!!! #KeepOnRunning !!! In #FreedomYellow, #PiersCorbyn LIVES the words of his slogan, #ResistDefyDoNotComply. Although his unofficial #LondonMarathon bid was SLIDE TACKLED by ANTI-TERROR POLICE on Sunday, this same, sinister heavy-handedness showed the urgent need for his freedom fight — itself a marathon, and one gaining EVER MORE GROUND, as a waking world watches !!!