!!! The #FreeWorld’s #EndOfLifePathway !!!

In the course of #WEF #KlausSchwab’s global assault on life, one #Scamdemic mantra has focused on #ProtectingTheVulnerable.

Yet end-of-life pathways, including use of the sedative medazolam, have been followed for years, showing government and NHS do not care about the vulnerable. This is noteworthy for anyone who finds the idea of a murderous government a step too far: in truth, the government and NHS have been killing on the quiet for years.

They just pretend to care about the old and vulnerable to try to force lockdowns and jabs, in a fascist, controlled demolition of society for #KlausSchwab’s #GreatReset.

There excuse is a man made virus with a survival rate of 99.99%.

!!! #NazisAreBack says #JohnMappin !!!

!!! To #FlyLikeFlorida, #StandWithAustria !!!

!!! #FearHasFailed !!! #UseNumbers !!! #TakeToTheStreets !!!

!!! #ResistDefyDoNotComply !!!

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