!!! To #FlyLikeFlorida, #StandWithAustria !!!

The 9 week-distant February deadline for Austria’s illegally forced vaccinations is meant both to give time for compliance, and to loom ominously during that period; thus affording its crime-victim citizens maximum motivation, means and ease to take the easy route of compliance.


The Austrian government’s crime is not delayed until February: it has been committed now, through the psychological abuse in the statement of intent, and the contract that this tries to force on the people.

Now is the time to refuse that contract — and break the new Austrian lockdown, before it starts.

By the million, in Austria and worldwide, take to the streets and stay out on them !!! #VivaLaFiesta

#ToFlyLikeFlorida, #StandWithAustria !!! #TakeToTheStreets


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