!!! #NO !!!

As Chris Witty’s double-bluffing, manipulative plea for Britons to allow themselves to be imprisoned, makes evil turn pathetic, the latest, ridiculous attacks on civil liberty are the perfect situation from which to #TakeFreedom, WITHOUT its having been nullified by being granted.

21 months after the 2-week curve flattening, this is the time to win our life back from this surreal, evil hypnosis, imposed by a vast global network, with much money, yet bereft of both logic and the pulse of integrity.

!!! W.H.O. ARE YOU ???

Via complicit, traitor governments, the UN, WHO and WEF have choked our lives remotely, with lies that frighten medically and reassure politically, to draw those who seek solice from the #NewNormal’s life sentencing mood music.


They soothe to defer rebellion, and to smother, emphasising the limits to extended lockdowns, and the token freedoms not removed, as slowly full freedom becomes a more distant memory.

But people are waking from this poisoned dusk.


As the protest movement exceeds 30%, fear has failed. And — as the NWO panics across Europe and the world — force is now failing, too.

#TheHillsAreAlive with protest.

As PiersCorbyn has said repeatedly during his valiant crusade, on day one of any new lockdown, #TakeToTheStreets, and #ResistDefyDoNotComply.

Chris Witty’s expressed doubt that Britons may not accept more restrictions may be designed to appeal to the national mindset of tolerance, compromise and respect for courtesy. Let us remember that he is the assassin of basic human liberties, through lies and fear and abusive policing.

His restrictions have engineered widespread deaths and stolen life. It is also quite likely that the weasel dance of his words, enticing the naive to be choked, yet again, is a ploy from SAGE and BITS, the consultancies behind the mind warping psyop that pushed the lockdown, and marshalled new levels of evil into the collective consciousness in return for money.

As we take to the streets — #FreeFace, #FreeMind and #FreeSoul — let us prove Chris Witty right.

We will not be locked down, now or ever again.


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