Stylist magazine is a mid-market coffee-table publication.

Yet even this, apolitical title is used as a vehicle to spread groundless ecofear, to further the UN’s #FascistAgenda2030, justified as ever by ridiculous, politicised science.

It targets those without specialist interest in science or politics, since they can be more gullible, and form a large section of the mainstream public.

The propaganda incriminates itself by the subtle abuse of telling people to be afraid on the basis of a lie. Its patronising presumptuousness takes readers for fools, assuming their readiness to be brainwashed and lectured by an empty, liberty-stealing cult, which encourages a negative self-view.

Life on earth is powered by the generosity and profit of self-love, of the individual and the human species.

As truth excites, so The Stylist’s lies bore.

That is why they will atrophy.

#SunDrivesClimate !!! #CO2feedsForests !!! #CO2resultNotCause !!! #CO2isGasOfLife !!! #FossilsFuelLife !!! #SolarMinCools !!! #FakeCrisesLicenseDictatorships !!! #ShineTheTruth

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