!!! A deadly divergence of economic interests – and the power of seeing it !!!

Until now, capitalist competition’s automatic meritocracy, and generation of quality, meant that the interests of coorporate bosses and workers coincided roughly.

The problems of popular yet unhealthy products, worker exploitation and the inflation of advertising’s falsely added value, still left this, Western economic model benefitting from the productive confidence instilled, by it, in each individual: there were more makers than takers, so the ship floated.

!!! #GreatReset !!!

But now, the inter-class harmony of capitalism’s universal empowerment has gone. Corporations and governments, intent on replacing human workforces with cheaper, more obedient and more efficient AI, no longer want to employ, or sell products to, people: they want to cull them.

In this situation, in the instititions that drive the great reset, the profit imperative no longer guaruntees integrity. Remembering that lets us get our bearings, and see where the criminals lurk, and know what sources not to trust.

It also lets us see solutions to this hijacking of capitalism by corporations. Like stars, these burn worldwide: from the non-masking cornershop, through the #StayOpenSalon, to the pro-human, reset-rejecting capitalism of #ConstitionalAmerica, lead by Florida’s heroic governor — and now effective #LeaderOfTheFreeWorld — #DeSantis.

To #FlyLikeFlorida, be as strong as Floridians. Stop auto-trusting the sadly fallen capitalist press in the UK: #TheSun, #TheDailyExpress, #TheDailyMail, #TheTimes and #TheTelegraph are all now agents of the NWO, and all pushing the new, #MoronicVirus, not the jab, as a threat.

The latter is the true source of the death surplus, a phenomenon that only existed after the jab’s murderous roll out.

By facing the real problem — that the fascist criminality of mainstream politicians and media has been unleashed by a new economic phase that would replace workers with robots — we can shed the sick tension of denial. It feels relaxing and empowering, like diving into water, and letting it support us.

It lets us focus our energy on the real problem, of toxic, governmental jab-pushers, not the fictitious one of viruses.

That let’s us solve it.


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