!!! #BorisFearBooster: DON’T WEAR IT !!!

#BorisJohnson wants to speed up booster take up — hence the ridiculous scariant story, and the #MaskMandate, designed to make people wear fear on their faces — and infect others who see them with the same.


But, inadvertently, by stealing freedom, he has given us the chance to take it OURSELVES, without permission: the only way to have it truly.


Gone are the months of ticking over, in a state of soft denial that the NWO had given up; of just ignoring mainstream media’s threatening covid echoes. More than ever, we now look beyond the crime of the jab and the lockdown, to their authors, who must be identified and stopped, in order to prevent crime repetition.

The pyramid is vast — and deeply false. It will fall hard, and it is already cracking. Much of a waking world can see the inconsistencies — and draw their own conclusions.

This establishment is desperately cornered. We have numbers, truth and will.

It only remains to use them, concertedly, for as long as it takes.

And, from TruthExcites, a Happy St Andrews Day Birthday to one who has played a huge rôle in securing the very considerable enlightenent achieved so far: that is to Kate Shemirani, and the poetry of her courage without compromise which — in the face of corrupt law, arrest, inconvenience, fatigue, threats and abuse — tirelessly lives truth.

Along with the others in the #FreeSpeechFive, notably #PiersCorbyn, speaking below, she appears at Westminster Magistrates Court next week.

God’s speed, Kate !!! We will be there to support you all.


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