Whether or not #StephenKing be ‘awakened’ in the #FreedomMovement sense, his #TommyKnockers’ analysis of an evil fall’s attracting subscribers, and stealing their networked life-energy to sustain the zombified souls of those marooned by rejection of God, seems a prescient description of the NWO’s transhumanism, and its eerie pushing of the jab as a common, grid-constructing violation of all human beings.

As with #Agenda2030, StephenKing’s stories unfold with supernatural reality emerging as the unbelievable driving force of the very 3d world that mocks and denies its existence: a world painted with the hyper-reality of King’s photo-satirical detail, hardwiring with deep credibility the cosmic philosophy that his heroes’ plight always reveals.

As with humanity’s fight against the globalist UN, the problem has been fed by part-unwitting human sponsorship of evil: it is the sudden, unintended intensification of this connection — and the loss of control as a cheap thrill becomes a living nightmare — that turns criminals and victims into saviours, as those with consciousness brutalised by the bass TV, and survival imperative of suburban America, suddenly find heaven by recognising hell.

To borrow from another King tagline, ‘We don’t need to float down here …

We can fly, instead!’

ShareLight !!! #ShineTruth !!! #TakeFreedomAndKeepIt !!!

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