!!! #BigSister Teresa’s £60m #HushFund !!!

Teresa May’s Nasty-Party-Tories want to pay MC Saatchi £60 million to fight blogosphere truth.
We must know whether this Orwellian, wit-insulting PR splurge, intended to save Teresa’s “good” Globalist Establishment, will be funded with public money.
This clunky backlash, from the endangered elites, will come from adland’s stained salesmen of cheque book truth – as bequeathed by wife-beater Charles Saatchi.

Its soiled odour may well be joined by the feeble, whet confusion of using – as copywriters – millenially thought-frozen pawns: whose trammelled NWO nurture – as confused as May’s own Brexit flip-flop – may, ironically, stop them from advancing dictatorship’s cause effectively …
… thus demonstrating the inherently doomed disconnect of deceit’s broken consciousness.


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