!!! FAKE SHAKE !!!

USuncut.news freeze-frames Trump gesture to Trudeau to give false impression of the latter’s refusing a handshake.

The out-of-context-snip (ironic, given the USuncut name-claim) is a cheap attempt to undermine the new wave of Classical Liberalism sweeping the world.

In truth, Trump is clearly gesturing as he talks, and Trudeau is listening (and quite possibly disagreeing). But the image is not of a refused handshake: the two had a photocall handshake in the same meeting, both smiling.

This meme – and its false suggestion of diplomatic failure by a doomed president – is deliberately misleading; and perhaps a desperate ploy from the Liberal Establishment, whose current powerlessness continues to grate most dischordantly with their sense of eternal entitlement: now shattered by libertarians’ worldwide democratic election, including in America.


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