With freedom, even now, both a constitutional given and a subconscious driver of each life, every day, it may be hard for Americans to realise how far short of this the Old World can fall. The Brexit debate is highlighting this.

Yet, East of the Atlantic, the notion of surrendering sovereignty, via obliquely willing submission to a supra-government’s deceit and fraud, is viewed as reasonable by intelligent people, if both the benefits of federally assured peace, and the dangers of war between sovereign nations in its absence, seem real.

EU supporters worry about war, should the EU end. They think that bloc politics has created our current golden age of travel and prosperity; and, vitally, keeps the peace.

Yet, if war’s only — and guaranteed — alternative is beaurocratic dictatorship, would that suggest that the drivers of war and beaurocratic dictatorship are the same people? And, in Brexit’s flagship case for European freedom, does Remainers’ fear for peace show that they believe this; that they consider future, contrived wars inevitable unless the globalists get their way — yet that, unlike Brexiteers, they believe that such forces cannot be surmounted?

What would that tell us about the honesty of world power’s highest echelons?

Is conflict’s driver simply humanity’s tribal abrasiveness and corruption, amid life’s universal need for cartesian space on land, and incident energy flows to individual body and mind; or is it a hidden but powerful group of former sovereign leaders and business owners, whose transformation into an invisible cartel begins to serve only itself, not the distinct sovereign populations that were its customers and civic employers?

Interestingly, as today, the 20th October, 2018, sees London Remainers march to keep Britain in the EU, their concern for peace suggests a belief consistent with that of many Brexiteers on the Alt-Right: that the EU is peacekeeper — against contrived globalist wars, because the globalist cartel wanted it to be, and — having scared populations into accepting it with puppeteered World War II — made it such: to streamline and centralise their power, and boost their profits and manipulation potential.

Similar interpretations exist regarding the formation of Israel, a possible 9/11 conspiracy between the US Deep State and Saudi Arabia, the illicit removal of Saddam Hussein, the Arab Spring, the cynical, fake operations of the White Helmets in Syria, and the farcical attempted demonisation of Russia, amid Trump’s vox pop victory over globalism and mainstream media.

Does acceptance of globalism as good by politically centrist professionals in Britain show that those whose intelligence works in harmony with global corps and the Fed, and whose  earned life-energy, of food and shelter, is payed by them, avoid checking their powerful sponsors’ integrity?

Benefitting professionally from globalism, in a world where its might often attracts the cleverest and nicest as fellow contributors and company, they are more than ready to accept the conditional peace of its dictatorship.

However, accepting dictatorship — like any surrender to blackmail — fuels the malign intent, and crime-repetition, of the blackmailers; whose success ensures that their granted relief of peace will only be temporary, before more demands are made, and more blood shed.

Negotiating with evil grows it. Removing its core, and building elsewhere, allows networks of energy and communication to grow from healthy sources.

Today, it is not just David Icke who says such things!

Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Roger Stone and Nigel Farage have all suggested as much, as one hoax after another — from mainstream media honesty, to ManMadeGlobalWarming — have hit the rocks.

In its Brexit negotiations with Britain, the EU’s negative disrespect exposes the inherent ill-intent behind the covert project of a Federal Europe. The EU believes making trouble will help stop other countries leaving so — having no guiding principals beyond the acquisition of wealth and power — it uses crude, subjective aggression to suppress, in a manner utterly unworthy of sovereign Europe’s renaissance greatness of reason and communication.

So — now more than ever, as freedom is, variously, attacked and championed — forza la libertà. Further, strength to the people’s recognition of globalist mal-intent’s entrenched, evil signature, whose blackmailing seal of peace guarantees only poverty and war in the long term. As the US Constitution recognises — together with honest proponents of positive spiritual power — liberty and generosity come not from conmens’ theiving promises, but from our inner, individual strength.

To be happy, we need to use it!

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