!!! A notion exists in the modern Western establishment that Right-of-Centre governments must dilute their winning, low-tax, people-powered formula with some tax-heavy social democracy to chase Dem votes — the ‘centre ground’ in British speak. This is a costly, Leftist-elite delusion, as Trump’s simple success is reminding us !!!

From Left to Right of the political spectrum — from #BigGovernment Communism, to #SmallGovernment Classical Liberalism — it should be possible to devise a scale calibrated in units marking the ratio of tax take to GDP. This scale would go from a Leftward extreme of 100%, in a Communist, state-owned country, to a Rightward extreme of 0% in an Anarcho-Capitalist Republic.

According to Conservative and Libertarian thinking, absolute tax take, and so public service benefit, rises when tax rates are lowered, through the increased incentivisation of individual wealth creation, and consequently increased number and flow intensity of taxable transaction currents — ‘liquidity’.

This inverse proportionality is simple to understand — and easy to explain and sell as a vote winner. Its formulaic clarity happily celebrates success and wealth as the foundations of giving, and brooks no indulgence of faux-charitable, mistakenly-funded government management.

Its waffle-free truth vouches for its BS-free credentials.

Most people, whose life quality is the direct result of their effort, have an instinct for economic rules that give them the elbow room and oxygen to make a living.

They connect to the world their way — and either find life-energy directly (farming, like the Amish) or supply someone else with an element of theirs (productive work within the economy) in exchange for equivalent energy — bought food.

Expressing this in ‘New Age’ terms can help trace ‘value currents’, boosting efficiency and calling out fraud! With that in mind, workers use their endeavour to tune to energy frequencies that they can consume; absorbing digestible food — in molecular, atomic reactions, the feasibility of which is governed by Max Planck’s observations of electronic energy and frequency — just as a radio tuner latches onto an energy-occupied frequency. To connect properly, worker’s initial investment of input endeavour is intelligence enabled, tuning through understanding gained from previous, educational connections — whether taught, sussed or experienced.

Without needing words, people know all this.

They know that Trump’s release of the economy will let the rivers flow, naturally and optimally — helped by his removal of the Swamp’s superimposed, warping ‘force field’.

That is why Centrist Conservative leaders fail — and confident, Rightwing ones win! Uninhibited Right-wing arguments’ truth makes them simply expressible, understood and victorious! While Centrist Rinos — and British Whets — have to disguise their flawed case with confusion, which patronises and is lost.

When — after 3 Blairite Labour election wins — David Cameron tried to rebuild the British Conservatives’ powerbase, he was confused — and did it wrongly.

Tony Blair — whose Leftist Labour was economically wrong to start with — had an easy job in rebranding it, because Rightward change would, inherently, be bound to improve it! So strongly did he condemn Labour’s Leftist past, and embrace the market — a PR man’s instinct to make the change visible throughout its theatrical extremity — that he ended up appealing to the Conservative Right, more than the Rino-Whets on its Left.

Blair became like Thatcher or Reagan, not Heath or Nixon.

But Cameron’s problem was that British Conservative ‘Tories’ were economically correct to start with. So a Leftward rebranding would only make them worse — and confuse their message.

But this is still the course he chose: instead of a populist rebranding, bringing the party to the people, and taking off from the street’s runway, he removed its profound, grassroots rationale, and chased the Leftist elite vote — a few hundred thousand deluded metropolitans, spread between the #HuffPo, #TheGuardian and #TheIndependent, instead of the millions of money-savvy swing voters, reading popular newspapers, who would determine his fate.

He failed to win. He needed Facebook’s new spin doctor of October 2018, Nick Clegg, to support him in Parliament with Liberal Democrat votes.

Had he sung the economics of freedom with palpable belief — and via a populist rebrand, not an illegible, elite-leftward one — he could have one outright …

… as Trump now has.

As Danny Tarkanian correctly notes in Breitbart, the strategy remains as sound as Cameron’s — and the Rinos’ — does flawed.

This November, let’s paint the town Red !!!


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