!!! HIGH NRG !!!

Humanity’s consciousness is rising — and, with it, the frequency of peer-to-peer communication.

Is this why low-vibrational powers, which cannot survive at the increased frequencies, are desperate to switch people off — by muzzling them, frightening them, deceiving them and depopulating them, thus reducing the sum of their conversation’s transmitted energy?


#FakePlaguePanto tries to reduce ascending peer-to-peer links, whilst bolstering remote web links between people and authority’s base central command centre. The spider’s web is breaking as the planet rises — so they try to strengthen the radial control links.

But doing this is like trying to dam the sea — and will fail.

Let’s find orientate to light and share it. Therein lies love and ascension.

!!! #LoveIsAllThatWeNeed … Deejay Sammy and Yanou !!!

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