!!! #TreatedLikeDirt !!!

For the past 6 months, the British government has treated its public like criminal inmates — not the civic clients that they are.

The #NewNormal slogan brought vague, undemocratic menace of permanent change without vote. If the government had wanted to minimise public alarm about necessary though temporary precautions and restrictions, it would have been the last thing they said.

Like roadworks signs, they would have emphasised the end date and apologised for any inconvenience. They would also have managed expectations by allowing for worse restrictions than they expected to be necessary, to keep public support.

But they did the opposite.

Over weeks and months, they announced contradictory policies, with initially rejected restrictions implemented days later — in toxic, lead u-turns, bearing a tightening, fascist weight, made the more outrageous by its unworthy confusion.

At the same time, they used the worldwide #NewNormal slogan to frighten the subconscious — and make people want to believe the bogus #Scamdemic statistics as refuge.


The feigned confusion made dissenters wait before protesting, giving restrictions time to set, helped by their initial platform of public fear — this deliberately engendered, via a psychological consultancy firm, in March.


The ban on extra-household sex was telling. It was unenforceable, therefore useless as a precaution: yet, from the state, it brought a squalid declaration of abusive oppression to the soul of each member of the public.

It defiled the sacred bonds amongst people, and with God, with its own, illegal, immoral, overbearing brutality — the aim of which seemed to be transmitting authority to the heart, not containing a feigned contagion, largely unfelt by over 99% of people.

Of all things, this invasive insult to the soul was foul.

It seemed meant to inject the being — before any harmful vaccinations — with the state’s controlling contempt. Amidst the #Scamdemic lie that declared the breath of human energy flows contaminated, this treated people like dirt.

??? WHY ???

Like the medically useless and legally impotent mask-mandate, the effect of this was to preserve fear — perhaps of government, as well as supposed plague. Without this aim — and without escape’s being made harder by rules’ reach across many countries — such a pointless and unpopular policy would never have been introduced.


Yet how interesting that the NWO — whose temptation of Christendom has glamourised loveless sex for decades through manipulative Hollywood — should operate by trying to withhold the very drug to which they have addicted their victims.

Again, evil attacks those who buy into it with the same hateful disdain that it holds for itself.

Freedom from it — in the #Scamdemic’s guise and all others — comes from recognising and rejecting it.

Uninvited, it is powerless.

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