!!! BACK TO LIFE !!!


If the shocking reality of the UN’s #Scamdemic power grab is hard to believe, it is useful to factor in the other likely false flags, scams and test hoaxes which may well have been trialed, with much lower stakes, to perfect dark arts before they were used radically, and in a way likely to encounter opposition — when their fine-tuning would be important.

The ozone hole scare of the 80s and 90s attacked sunlight and happiness with a fear of cancer, when the latter is largely caused by poor diet and acidic conditions in the body, not natural exposure to the summer sun as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Expensive, chemical sunscreens were thus sold as a hidden tax on sunlight — a form of energy otherwise out of reach of greedy government levies. Like the #CovidHoax, which recommends masks, and their irreversible brain damage, over oxygen, governments’ promotion of UV phobia made people fear the very thing that empowered them.

The promotion of man made climate change (from 70s cooling, through 80s, 90s and 00s warming, to today’s catch-all climate change) is a cringeworthy fail as a lie, collapsing under bogus science, failed predictions and inconsistency. 

But its global promotional platforms are so large, and a credulous public so used to sensing reality from secondary media, not primary experience, that the deception has lasted a long time.


And so, now, does the Covid hoax — despite a manifest lack of widespread sickness, and the fact that city dwellers living amongst millions of others often know no one who has had it. They are now waking to the 0.13% death rate and the 91% false positives.

The global flow of web news has attacked the UN’s information monopoly, once enjoyed via the #MainstreamMedia.

Their attempted Covid power grab is a last ditch attempt to establish #Agenda2030 — a controlling, dystopian technocracy, and also a return to the higher population control levels that pertained before the 20th century.

But, as city after city is proving, and as Gandhi once showed when opposing parallel, dark forces, non-compliance is powerful.

Here, it is fueled by knowledge of the absence of the promoted health risk, and of restrictions’ legally and morally flawed status. This lets us ignore them — and fortify freedom with a wisdom enriched by the debunking corollaries of other bust myths, as our reality becomes primary, and less gullible.

Therein lies confidence to live again.

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