!!! #NeverWalkAlone !!!

Ever since the spring, when Fascism precipitated in its farcical disguise, Piers Corbyn has laboured, suffered and inspired to free the public from the wretched #CovidHoax.

Now his light is spreading around confident London, and from Liverpool’s triumphantly open gyms, to the #MainstreamMedia; freeing people’s consciousness from the UN’s open prison of #scamdemic fear.

More and more are starting to see the #ControlledDemolition of the country for the #WorldEconomicForum’s desired #GreatReset — executed by #WreckingBallBoris with his shabby, lying bluster.

Now, restrictions are retightened on the basis of 91% #FalsePositive tests, and the #Casedemic’s low numbers are seen to consist mainly of asymptomatic people. So both the absence of a significant health problem (0.13% death rate is like seasonal flu), and the presence of a hidden agenda, become ever clearer.

And freedom’s tunnel-end profile is seen to link to the exposure of crimes against humanity from many politicians, advisors and business leaders.

As Piers takes his stand at Westminster Magistrate’s Court, at 9:30 this Friday morning, his truth will enjoy the official stage it merits — and the prominence and leverage to free the many who will listen.

Their numbers will grow.

StandUpX !!! #NoNewNormal !!!


#StopNewNormal.net !!!


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