The #CovidHoaxResponse‘s rumoured policy of cancelling debt in exchange for forbidding property ownership — permanently — is deeply sinister.

It de-humanizes people, by removing their connection to their effort and creations. Given the large scale of earning and profiting potential over a lifetime, in most cases the rumoured deal will leave the citizen poorer overall, as measured in currency in the present system. If vaccine-acceptance is needed, as well as life-long surrender of the right to own, for debt cancellation to proceed (tempting for those criminally impoverished by governments’ illegal lockdowns), then governments will be taking ownership of citizens and their works — having injected them, needlessly, under false pretences and using blackmail as coercion.

The abusive deceit of the people, by many governments, shows their unworthiness of trust. If this happens, the debt cancellations’ offerers will have shown themselves to be criminal blackmailers, with who no bargain should ever be countenanced.

Surrendering to blackmailers makes crime pay: refusing them makes it fail.


If governments remove widespread home ownership from society, then the clearance of rural land, the creation of smart city ghettos, and the removal of public access to the countryside, as predicted by opponents of #UNagenda2030, would be more possible for authorities to instigate — especially with energy rationing smart meters, and the absolute, automaton authority of the #InternetOfThings, where driverless car use, travel, cooking, entry to and exit from buildings — as well as perhaps even thoughtwaves — could be centrally controlled, as Klaus Schwab describes in various orations to the #WorldEconomicForum, regarding the #GreatReset.com.

Understanding the UN’s aims will clarify the context of its actions. If the cyber-technocracy of Klaus Schwab is what they have in mind, then we have the people and the will to counter it and prevent this hellish cyber prison from forming at inception.

Accepting the blackmail-pushed vaccine could, chemically, physically and irreversibly, compromise our capacity to campaign for freedom, both by controlling our thoughts, and by reducing our numbers, either through induced disease or through sexually transmittable sterilisation.

As long as we retain the integrity of our consciousness and DNA, preserved — sacred and thriving — by refusal of this needless vaccine, then we have the will and numbers to counter this abominable evil.

#WeAreFree !!! #SayNoNow !!! #KeepTheLight


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