!!! NEO-NAZI !!!

From behind news anchor desks, and in professional suits, with contemporary, Blairite received pronounciaiton, the oppressive engine of the dictatorship lies in the coercion of language and weaponised media.

At first, we can’t quite believe it. The people we are used to trusting, and obeying over the basics of western law, aside from which we are free, have suddenly changed the rules, imposed pointless, draconian punishments on disputed grounds, and ploughed on regardless of more and more debunking information, and more and more protest.

It was the shock and confusion, as much as the fear, which took us aback and made us obey. Our subconscious felt the sinister mismatch between announcement and reality.

But it came in a language we thought we trusted. So we didn’t feel sure enough to act. Motivated by the very substance of the coup — illogical, draconian laws that scared us — we delayed protest against it, so huge were the implications for growing, worldwide despotism, backed by the UK gov.

Our denial confirmed our fear.

As the internet exposed the coup, the desperate authorities went for broke, with signs and public address announcements designed for the final lap of dictatorship imposition: ‘You SHOULD shop alone’, ‘You MUST wear a face covering’. The deference of Atlanticist customer service vanished to complement Boris Johnson’s outrageous entitled, blustering despotism with rhetorically aggressive command forms of language, that went for the throat of freedom.

They sought to subdue in one move: they had too, as a slower process would have woken more people.

Now, those people are waking anyway.

To restore general freedom, let’s make Saturday’s 3 milllion march a 10 million march! That is realistic by the end of the summer. A conga that size willl bring this government down, and — with it — the heart of the New World Order.

Keep on keeping on!

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