Britain’s ruling class has changed its image but kept its behaviour the same.

The crusty, pre-60s establishment has morphed to the fake Progressive Globalism of corporations, bankers, Royals and, in the words of Heiku, their ‘missionary capitalism’: an instrument, like corrupted religion, of bespoke false reality to suit its authors, with which the corporation owners manipulate markets and contracts with the public, using the #CovidClimateCon aka #CCC. They disguise their theft and dictatorship as an environmental and technological enlightenment.

The above-mentioned groups have continued the process of centralising power, which — as Peter Hitchens noted recently — has been an observable trend since 1914 and the start of the First World War.

1914 was also one year after the official formation of the Federal Reserve, in a secret meeting, with the explicit yet sinister aim of stifling banking competition by declaring and lending non-existent money — as chronicled in Edward G. Griffin’s book, ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’.

This marked America’s recapture by Britain’s Bank of England, and the Crown, in a seismic power grab by established power, that maintained the class system for secure compartmentalization of its controlling niche, within which its customs were a protectionist code, to block others’ freedom.

The cabal was born.


Britain needs a revolution. It needs a written, Republican constitution, and a general civic awareness of power and rights. If people believed in their sacred selves and liberty, that belief would override government coups.

It would strengthen the spine against breath-clamping mask laws, and the evil invasiveness of infantilising PA announcements in shops, and on the tube.

When Boston had its famous tea party, it actively refused authority’s organised crime: theft, in the form of tax. Thus, the people made government crime fail — and stopped its being repeated.

The people made their life, and living, from thought: not from obedience to government, but from understanding of the universe. With such a critical collective consciousness, Boris Johnson’s technique of having outrageous, fascist rules accepted by announcing them in a sober tone of voice would fail.

And legal civic occupation — as of common land by the Lovedown movement — would succeed, backed by physical support from concerned and informed citizens.

As people awake, not just to the Covid hoax, but also to their addiction to corrupt bread and circuses — engendered by blackmailers who then controlled them by withdrawing the drug for use as bargaining chip — they know that freedom is impossible to steal without consent.

The will power that withholds that consent comes from self-worth, and confidence in the divine right to independent connection with God, unmediated by self-interested third parties.

The only way is up!

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