The #FreedomMovement BROKE THE SET on Saturday — with 3 million marchers, and a 7.5 tonne curtain side truck as a DeejayBoothe and dance podium, parked on Haymarket, South of Piccadilly.

Police watched, like white-muzzled ghosts, on street corners, helpless amid the millions of revellers and protestors determined to restore freedom after the 3 week curve flattening became a year-long, designer assault on liberty. MetPolice bosses must have been concerned for the safety of their outnumbered officers for, while freedom crowds were characteristically peaceful, the sheer scale of the protest would have been impossible to police had any trouble started. The blame for that lies with Boris Johnson, Priti Patel, and the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab.

And, with vote swinging numbers already present, another 3 fold increase next month will have a real chance of bringing down this cowardly, evil government: besuited traitors to truth, freedom and humanity.

Hanging on one spot in Oxford Street, the procession took over an hour to pass.

This was huge.

If we multiply it by three, focussing on human and business rights, and government accountability and decentralised, honest science, we will win.

Let’s go.

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