Disguised as agents of social and environmental progress, supposed national governments are now the tools of the worldwide business cabal that controls them, based in the central banking system, pharmaceuticals and big tech and mainstream media who — together — want to control contracts between people, and the energy flows of health and life that ensue.

So, the bigger national governments are — the more controlling and culturally Marxist — the bigger are the instruments of control used the globalist fascist cabal.

The more different territories deploy CentreLeft regimes, the more they empower globalist fascism.

Realising this lets people free themselves, with their own consciousness, attunement to life energy and fellows, and application of Common Law: the metaphysics of sacred life and truth.

This is as simple and practical as the heartfelt, thus legally valid, declaration of invidual freedom to would-be corrupt authority, the accessing of food and the sharing or selling of it, amid a network of collaboration, energy exchange from individually optimised sources and love.

The system grows food, shares warmth, pools skills and finds God — freely.

Yes, we can!

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