!!! BIBLICAL !!!

!!! Ealier this year at Westminster Magistrates Court, and now, #NurseKate IS the #SageOfAquarius !!!

As Austria’s #ForcedJab and #LockdownBlackmail OUTRAGES HUMANITY, the world rallies behind Kate Shemirani’s cosmic insight and strength.

#ThisWeekend, to WIN FASTER, #StandWithAustria and #TakeToTheStreets: their lockdown and their #JabLaw BOTH ARISE from people’s jab-rejection.

The #FourthReich’s fear campaign failed. That is why they are using force instead. That is why their pronoucments have become openly fascist as — with desperation’s growing radicalism — surveillence and segregation make neoNazism their clear aim.

!!! #KeepOnWinning !!!

Authority knows that it is corrupt, guilty and cornered. The public’s defiance of their Nuremberg-breaking coersion will leave them a fallen government, as well as a disgraced one, and it will pave the way for a domino cascade of freedom around the world. With new, criminal and unenforceable rules intoduced, a shift is imminent: either to entrenched government fascism, compliance, shorter, sicker lives and enslavement, or to defiance, as pushback and jab-refusal make the genocidal government’s position untenable.

The people outnumber the criminals by many millions. With fear gone, respect for government gone, and their lives to fight for, there is nothing to stop them.

Go, go, go !!!

#StayOpenAustria !!! #HillsAreAlive !!! #ResistDefyDoNotComply


In declaring the Austria’s low jab-uptake ‘shameful’, its Chancellor assumes the right to judge and control his citizens’ personal health decisions, as he seeks to impose a criminal and unenforceable lockdown punishment on the unjabbed: the once-free children of the HeadMasterGoneBad.

In doing this, he shows his own unfitness for office, and a corresponding unreliablility of any course of action that his blackmail tries to push. He also demonstrates that the jab is not needed since — if it were — it would have been in automatic demand, without any coersion needed.

The misplaced confidence of those words, that tell of his outrageously presumptuous fascism, establish that those behind the #CriminalCovidCoup still feel as if they are on the front foot, when — after much debunking exposure far and wide — they should be on the run.

But the NWO are desperate.

Unless a dictatorship sedates people before they rise in consciousness, it can only betray them on this global level once. The 10% to 85% of unjabbed people in different countries around the world is too high, either to proceed with a mind-tagged, enslaved populace, or to control the unjabbed for blackmail purposes: their numbers are too great.

Keep on winning.

!!! #NoMeanCity: Glasgow people power the Scottish awakening !!!

The establishment has painted the English Crown Raj in Scottish colours.

The head of this hynotic snake is Nicola Sturgeon, who hides her evil puppet status in tartan wrapping, to abuse Scottish citizens, whose trusted, devolved government just relays the now openly criminal English abuse of #ClimateCO2N fuel taxes and #Scamdemic lockdowns.

America was once an English colony, too. Then they had a #TeaParty — in Boston.

They refused to pay tax to the English Crown.

They also refused to let any government control their life, on the pretext of bestowing freedom and wellbeing: they knew that, inherently, freedom can never be given, but rather has to be taken, on its declarer’s own terms. Only then is it true liberty.

So, through its nature as a #ConstitutionalRepublic, American life is people powered, with small government, low taxes, and people drawn to strength by self-belief and self-motivation. As a way of life, a free people are wary of government. For them, it is a minimal, background social contract for societal cohesion, never a life-source, on which to depend.

This self-reliance has seen Florida avoid any lockdown, after the initial two weeks. They don’t wait for the Crown-linked Feds to tell them what to do.

In Florida, the #DeepState is not the swamp: it is the people’s divinely rooted self-belief, which unleashes human spirit, from the soul to the street. Shops stay open and the beat gets louder, strengthened by its own, growing response to every Washington threat.

As Scotland remembers its citizens who left for America during the Highland Clearances, the #GreatReset of their day, the nation can be inspired by the American Republic of #RedState, #PeoplePowered freedom, that its emigrants’ arrival helped to create.

An awaking Glasgow is making liberty a state of mind. How long before the communofascist Tories’ abuse of Britain sees Scotland declare a UN-free Republic, where people power thrives under its own steam, and false Saltires — like Nicola Sturgeon, with her #FuelPoverty-driving relayal of Crown writ — do not exist?

The GlasgowDream is real. Let’s grow it.