!!! BIBLICAL !!!

!!! Ealier this year at Westminster Magistrates Court, and now, #NurseKate IS the #SageOfAquarius !!!

As Austria’s #ForcedJab and #LockdownBlackmail OUTRAGES HUMANITY, the world rallies behind Kate Shemirani’s cosmic insight and strength.

#ThisWeekend, to WIN FASTER, #StandWithAustria and #TakeToTheStreets: their lockdown and their #JabLaw BOTH ARISE from people’s jab-rejection.

The #FourthReich’s fear campaign failed. That is why they are using force instead. That is why their pronoucments have become openly fascist as — with desperation’s growing radicalism — surveillence and segregation make neoNazism their clear aim.

!!! #KeepOnWinning !!!

Authority knows that it is corrupt, guilty and cornered. The public’s defiance of their Nuremberg-breaking coersion will leave them a fallen government, as well as a disgraced one, and it will pave the way for a domino cascade of freedom around the world. With new, criminal and unenforceable rules intoduced, a shift is imminent: either to entrenched government fascism, compliance, shorter, sicker lives and enslavement, or to defiance, as pushback and jab-refusal make the genocidal government’s position untenable.

The people outnumber the criminals by many millions. With fear gone, respect for government gone, and their lives to fight for, there is nothing to stop them.

Go, go, go !!!

#StayOpenAustria !!! #HillsAreAlive !!! #ResistDefyDoNotComply

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