The causal chains of reality form a network of energetic gradients and connections. Growing human awareness of them — both as they really are, and as mis-represented by deceitful power — has led to widespread use of the term matrix, especially since the media intensified its lying programme to push widespread belief in the #CovidScamdemic.

Yet awareness of chain reaction webs has long existed to a degree in the human subconscious, where it has governed the structure of verbal language, as well as of maths, particularly in infinitives and gerunds which, as expressions of process, describe the operating chain reaction of a matrix, ie a combination of one or more vectors.

Traditionally, to constitute a narrative, a sentence needs a main verb. This article’s headline has that in imperative form, ‘perceive’, differing from the descriptive indicative through its controlling, action-triggering interactivity with the listener.

To be continued …

!!! #Unity is universal light !!!

In an holistic universe, the nature of the whole must require each of its components to be as they are. Thus, every element of reality is a perceptual corollary of every other element — including the dynamic energy of perception itself.

While every aspect of reality may be merely consistent with every other, the WHOLE actually REQUIRES all its components to be in the condition pertaining, turning the theorem favourite expression of condition from ‘if’ to ‘only if’.

So, understanding entire creation would render needless detailed proofs, corollary by corollary, since the whole would be intuitively clear, with any viewpoint explaining all viewpoints.

!!! #DeathSpiral: #WeakBoris’ #SickRegime threatens 2 yrs jail for online anti-jabbers !!!

When a flailing despot threatens new laws that attack the core of free speech, on a deeply personal subject, and that might criminalise millions whilst proving unenforceable, he has lost judgement as well as respect.

Both jeopardise his command of the police, who have to enforce his laws, and without who his regime would fall fast.

His current, casual totalitarianism regarding personal health echoes the easy-toned outrageousness of his sentiment in Spring 2020, when he said words to the effect that people could not simply make their own decisions on that matter; suggesting that then, as now, he was acting as executive of the long-term, lockstep project. Yet his latest threat to silence and jail critics further suggests a lack of belief in the jab’s ability to prove its own worth.

This, alone, adds weight to its opponents, and will tighten the resolve of those determined to reject and expose its toxic, immunity wrecking evil. With that campaign in mind, court cases on this topic, with all their attendant publicity may be the last thing #WreckingBallBoris wants anyway.

Is it possible that, more than anything, this sorry threat from a cornered liar shows desperation to secure a position doomed by his own shabby surrender of his office to an evil international establishment which, despite its gargantuan size, is slowly collapsing?

#ResistDefyDoNotComply !!! #JabTreblesDeathRisk !!! #DontTekTheVaccine

!!! #MassiveAttack !!!

The limits imposed on the third dimension by apparent gravity are dull.

Earthly — and thus demi-Satanic — special effects seek to synthesise euphoria by suggesting the disruption of gravity, and its being subverted or overcome to achieve freedom.

Yet, it was the original falling for temptation to connect with mass, via weight, that restricted with a karmic punishment that was nothing more than the connection forged — and the attendent dillusion of need for unsustaining, massive energy.


As Charles calls for #WarFootingFascism — amidst the #GreenNewSteal of his people-oppressing cult against mythical #ManMadeClimateChange — the data-cheating exposed by Paul Homewood, and chronicled by Christopher Booker in the Daily Telegraph, remain there for all to see.

The outrage of his attacking the lives of his motherws subjects, on the basis of a lie, disqualifies him from future office.

#SunDrivesClimate !!! #ClimateCO2NdrivesFuelPoverty !!! #SolarMinCools !!! #CheapEnergyWarms !!! #FossilsFuelLife !!! #ShineTheTruth !!!


If energy consists universally of waves, in a dynamic, homogeneous, electromagnetic network, does that mean that, having thus entirely equivalent particles of vibration, individuality arises at a complexity level above that of the building blocks, and one arising through their relative orientation, once they are assembled durably, as a self-sustaining system?