If #DoomBuffoonBoris and his destructive government change policy, they may be out of office, and even imprisoned, due to the damage they have done.

The shift will also reverberate around the world, with even more impact than Brexit had, since UK politics — anchored by the City of London — is a cornerstone of the global power structure.

So the #UN, the #WEF and the UK government are cornered as partners in crime.

To continue their careers — as well as their paymasters’ #Agenda21 — they no choice but to ignore reason and truth, and continue to use groundless lockdowns as a destructive tool to crash the economy for the great reset — described on the World Economic Forum website, as well as at GreatReset.com

To have a hope of making the public accept the great reset — a bad thing for freedom in itself — they had to impoverish and injure society on the basis of a lie that they invented.

As a #CrimeAgainstHumanity, the #CovidHoax is unprecedented.

But if it works, it will not be the last of its kind. For this reason, their criterion for decision making has to be exposed as irrational and corrupted by the hidden agenda that spawned it.

Its authors must be punished and removed from office — along with its promoters.

Punishing — not paying — the blackmailers will #MakeCrimeFail — and stop repeat offence.

To free the world, share this light.

#NoNewNormal !!!

#KeepTheLight !!! #KAG !!! #KBF !!! #Trump2020 !!! #GoVote


The postwar, pacifist integrity of ‘peace-and-love’, in the early hippy movement, has gradually been hijacked by the forces of fascism, which it had originally sought to neutralise with light.

This can be seen in the present #Covid #Scamdemic: an evil, technocratic dictatorship, comprising the UN and its chain of command, which has been palpable amid its authoritarian falseness, strongly though insecurely backed by the shadow government and the world banking system.

TruthExcites invites Patrick Moore to comment on the hijacking of Greenpeace by the #ClimateCO2N lobby: a fascist Trojan horse that seeks to fetter the world with the bogus science that falsely declares energy use to be responsible for #NaturalClimateChange (now disproven many times) and seeks to clamp and reduce life’s energy conversion on the strength of this orchestrated lie.

This attack on the power of life is now aided by fascist lockdowns, continued for months despite evidence of their medical failure — if that had ever been needed — and the success of countries that have not used them.

Interestingly, the Aquarian Zeitgheist of self-help, artistic expression and positivity — expressed well, though without integrity, by Obama’s slogan #YesWeCan — has been trampled in 2020: art and music have been attacked on tenuous grounds, along with holistic medicine, as, for maybe the first time, the malevolence inside globalist communication has become aggressively clear.

It is almost as if its authors have made this happen deliberately, since fear — the vaguer and more confusing the better — is their key weapon. They transmit false reason to the conscious mind, and fear to the subconscious. Afraid, the latter takes refuge by deceiving itself into believing in the former.

Authority keeps the fear small enough to fit neatly inside the herd consensus, sustaining people’s dignity and keeping their cooperation.

Confidence and self-belief in one’s reason and freedom of action in a just society are the solution. Love and joy underpin psychological freedom to recognise the truth of a political coup, not a medical emergency.

The early hippies were right about genuine love. But, in their abandonment of the family, and local defense against wrong-doing, though they cleared a path to ascension, they left life in this 3d realm very vulnerable to evil.

Accordingly, they were hijacked, and we are seeing the result now.

Understanding the political not medical nature of what we see is enlightenment on this plane and everyplane above. On Earth, that enlightenment takes the form of countering it to restore human freedoms, as triangulated by God.

Shared, this information frees the world.

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!!! #HumanSacrifice — to the #FalseGreenGoddess !!!

As #DoomBuffoonBoris slowly chokes the country, in compliance with the UN’s recommendations, and the #WEF’s #GreatReset.com plans, is he also squashing life as a romantic gift to Carrie, his #ExtinctionRebellion-minded partner?

Does the ease of simply following the UN line create a sick but addictive euphoria in him, as going with this life-destroying flow siphons human life energy as a vampiric tribute to his muse?

This would explain his despotic trance, and the sociopathic smirk that seems to hide behind his destructive and senseless edicts.

Perhaps this is wrong. But it would be compatible with Boris actions that go against his old stances on world affairs, before meeting Carrie.

TruthExcites urges him to work with positive energy and the freedom that makes human life a precious platform for happiness.


#DoomBuffoonBoris, Britain’s sorry Primeminister, is acting like a sheepdog, controlled by the energy-sucking UN farmers of humanity.

He drives people towards real, hidden dangers of enforced vaccination and AI enslavement — by making them run away from the promoted yet false threat of the #Scamdemic; just as sheep flee a dog to be herded into a lorry.


Like the dog, Boris’ acceptance of this rôle enslaves him. In his case, he is controlled by, and dependent on, the UN paymasters and their corrupt forces. His reward from them will be in the currency of their energy, acceptance of which will invest him in it, as he pushes their cause.


Realising this, and subscribing to love and light, not this blinding Satanic control web, is freedom — and within everyone’s capability.

#GodBlessAmerica and GodBlessHumanity

#KeepTheLight !!! #KAG !!! #KBF !!! #Trump2020 !!! #GoVote

!!! HIGH NRG !!!

Humanity’s consciousness is rising — and, with it, the frequency of peer-to-peer communication.

Is this why low-vibrational powers, which cannot survive at the increased frequencies, are desperate to switch people off — by muzzling them, frightening them, deceiving them and depopulating them, thus reducing the sum of their conversation’s transmitted energy?


#FakePlaguePanto tries to reduce ascending peer-to-peer links, whilst bolstering remote web links between people and authority’s base central command centre. The spider’s web is breaking as the planet rises — so they try to strengthen the radial control links.

But doing this is like trying to dam the sea — and will fail.

Let’s find orientate to light and share it. Therein lies love and ascension.

!!! #LoveIsAllThatWeNeed … Deejay Sammy and Yanou !!!

!!! #HiddenSafety !!!

Masks project authority visually + maintain fear with a layer, beyond which virus be thought to lurk, stopping people relaxing as the days pass, plague-free.


Like a shut door in a movie, the mask cunjors tension and fear, where none would otherwise exist.


Demasking is bargaining chip for accepting vaccine. If the country accept the government’s orchestrated ‘response’ to the ‘plandemic’, they will accept enforced vaccines as so called solution — and the UN and allies will have made crime pay, and will repeat it eventually, in another form.

To be free we must break out from their #PlanDemic spell — and expose the deception’s source, to stop catastrophic re-offence by the same cartel.

#CantImprison70million #DontPayIllegalFine !!! #NoNewNorm


A few months ago, after initially dismissing corona angrily as a UN hoax, I thought for a few weeks that there might some truth in it, encouraged by friends with elderly parents. I was grateful to retreat to the Scottish countryside with my family.

The tight evil of bogus sounding TV announcments from dead, void-bound, remote video links, and the insulting #UncertainTimes ads that seemed suspiciously on cue in their synchronisation with the supposed pandemic, combined to make me share the sense of hollow dread that filled Peter Hitchens through the helpless stillness of a cool, bright spring that shone the early stages of a #GrandSolarMinimum.

Gradually, wiser stronger friends made me realise that this was nothing more than another hoax: with an irrational media narrative that ignored leaks of truth to plough on with its mad, bad agenda.


When September came, and a seeming re-opening was reversed on the basis of false statistics and 91% false positives — as noted by Julia Hartley-Brewer after interviewing Matt Hancock on TalkSPORT — it became clear that the government’s purpose was not to safeguard health.

Sweden shows that staying open creates fewer cases but the government ignores that and ploughs on with economic destruction — on the basis of largely spurious cases anyway.

What is the government’s aim? Is it to destroy the economy and force the people into financial dependency.

This is a frightening thought. But, since there is no health threat, we can feel free to unmask and break unenforceable rules without fear.

If millions rebel against empty, lying authority, and refuse to pay fines, imprisonment and containment will be impossible.

And the streets, and peoples’ minds, will return to life, rather than being an open air prison.


EVEN AS Boris Johnson’s FASCIST PURITANS push fraudulent lockdowns on the strength of 91% #FalsePositives, snuff Christmas from months in advance and promote social distancing until Nov 2021, #TheGreatReset.com has the nerve to say #LetsKeepItUp — to reduce emissions.

A globalist lie that has wrecked lives and livelihoods worldwide, the existence of the supposed pandemic, with a death rate nearer 0.1% than 6%, is STILL being told.

Yet already its fake, pre-planned status is all but confirmed by the sermonising, patronising glee of advert above: CELEBRATING lockdowns’ emission-reduction in the year government bullying squashed humanity to #NetZero.

Chillingly, this growing technocratic fascism wants this to continue — despite the fact that #SolarCyclesDriveClimate, with CO2 variation a consequence — not cause — of these natural cycles.

As we enter a natural cooling cycle, cutting energy supply and phasing out fossils will drive fuel poverty and hardship.

It will hurt business, homes and humanity.

Is the lockdown’s purpose to give authority power to ration and reduce energy use — the only way that renewable energy could be remotely sufficient — albeit at the cost of abandoning life as we know it?

??? WHY ???

The UN, the WHO and #CovidHoax-compliant governments are putting much of the world in a prison, using both fear of a mythical pandemic from a minor virus — and fear of authority, as rules are gradually tightened according to public culture, acceptance and gullibility, not medical need.

If authority aims to confine people with variations of martial law for a year, in order to have the public accept enforced mass vaccinations, what is in the vaccinations to make the whole process worth it to authority?

What measure does the government want to force on the people that presenting it as the only key to freedom from a year’s start-stop incarceration is the only way to have it accepted?