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And the LORD BARROSO said unto DYSON, “Because thou hast used energy to make a vacuum cleaner, and cleaned thy neighbour’s house, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go…

… and DUST shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.

(Adapted from the King James Bible, Genesis 3:14)

As recession threatens again, and as our sun’s neo-Dickensian weakness starts cooling the world to a progress-challenging chill, the EU makes a law banning the best vacuum cleaners.


Despite the benefits of technology and business, a bloated army of tax-fed, business-phobic Euro heat-preachers want to punish their people’s enterprise — on the dotty premise that carbon dioxide, which is released by energy production, is heating the world to a sweaty doom (the planet is now cooling, due to the weakening sun, and CO2 has no effect at all, anyway).

But Eurocrats live on taxes, not profits.

They want to safeguard their shoddy, economically unsustainable rule for as long as possible, by keeping their people in the dark — and, increasingly, the cold; until Agenda 21, the UN’s de-industrialisation project, gains more traction.

Luckily, they reckoned without the web, whose platform for unfiltered news may yet inspire an EU break-up — and, at the very least, a British exit.

Try as the EU might to make Google “forget”, the net remains the voice of freedom — now more than ever: an organic echo chamber, in which the maddest excesses of corrupt government get the ridicule they deserve, as technology extends the 10 minute timescale of the coffee table chat all around the globe…

… and takes people power with it.


The mad slaughter of Scottish birds, by state-sponsored, wing-chopping wind turbines, is set to continue — as the UK government, and the Green Investment Bank, plan to invest £74 million into the deluded renewable energy projects championed by “Wee Eck” Salmond.

As all too many Scots know, after recent M8 blocking blizzards (and, on a brighter note, last winters’ record ski season), cheap, plentiful energy is increasingly vital to keep everyone safe and warm — especially the old, who suffer most in cold.

THEY should not pay the price either of Al Gore’s tax raising, Man-Made-Global-Warming fairy story (in the face of record cold spells from Chicago to China), or of Alex Salmond’s unrealistic reliance on renewables: the latter neither financially viable, nor a reliable power source.


Salmond’s wind dependent scheme has been concocted to win cosy votes from his target support, rather than to work for the people.

He is jeopardising a proud nation’s prosperity; at the altar of his personal need to define its being according to HIS vision.

The thought, common sense and thrift which have long powered so much Caledonian talent, and exported it worldwide, deserve better than farcical mis-government, driven by personal obsession and vested interest.

The needless slaughter of golden eagles by windturbines further emphasises the callous, progress-indifferent opportunism at the heart of Salmond’s project: an ugly emptiness, now ever more visible, as exposure of his currency planning failures has seen his oratory fade on the home straight: leaving a most pregnant silence.–green-bank-to-invest-in-74-million-pound-Scottish-renewables-plant


Like the Polar Ice Caps of 2014, John Prescott’s body continues to expand inexorably.

The exact causes are thankfully unknown. But perhaps his physics defying folds could help the wind-seeking Alex Salmond design the perfect heat engine: a belching reservoir of hot air, stored to power tartan turbines during the power-cutting calm between erratic gusts of Atlantic squawl?

Maybe the twisted metal of Prescott’s oratory could yet help make Salmond’s plans for pound-tethered, monarchy-retaining, wind-powered Scottish sovereignty seem logical.

Here we see Prezza plugging Global Warming and sustainability to teenagers at a London school, as the education system continues to suffer from criminal, Orwellian bias on this topic; part of its back door faux-theocracy of phoney, socialist science.

While the educational Left — and the urban teenagers they deceive — sense an anti-establishment gene in the carbon scam, it will have their support. Neither reason nor rhetoric will effect this.

But, over decades, students are not usually slow to question what they were taught. The chattering establishment’s hardwiring of Warmism to the curriculum, sans reason, sets their puritanical, neurotic faith up to be overturned by the next peer group — just as it has been powered by their own one.

The fact that the next revolutionaries will be right may also mean some of them are intelligent: the sapient antidote to Occupy.

I have hope for the future.


“Poison Pat” has terrifyingly naive views on carcinogenic GMO crops.

But, on other issues, from the tyrannical, corrupt EU, to the Global Warming scam, Owen Paterson, MP is perceptive, forthright and concise: and fearless, in both utterance and deed.

David Cameron’s “performance-reshuffle” — which saw Owen sacked — epitomised the doomed, rudderless plasticity of the PM’s very being, as well as that of his operation: each a 2014 soundbite machine; tribally cloned to keep office — to which aim even key policy detail comes a poor second. Ironically, less futile courtship of the Middle Class Liberal vote, and more attention to the country’s real needs, in the way that Owen Paterson made his hallmark, would pull in millions of accessible swing voters to the Tory fold. Alas for Cameron, they can’t be seen from Notting Hill.

Owen Paterson’s article, below, deserves a better home than the modern Telegraph.  It is, nonetheless, a great summary of various problems stemming from one corrupt, reason-free political pantomime; whose pandering to playground anti-establishmentism, and stale resentment of success, are combining to create the poverty of discourse that now spoils so much opportunity — and so many lives.


The Global Warming lie continues dying, worldwide.

But Brighton’s BIRD MURDER project has got the green light, as government “slaughterman” Ed Davey’s POWER MADNESS hits a new low, amid plans for a cold-blooded, offshore avian mincing machine: an energetically-useless forest of spinning blades, profitable only because of govt subsidies to EON.


The Global Warming lie continues dying, worldwide.

But Brighton’s BIRD MURDER project has got the green light, as “slaughterman” Ed Davey’s POWER MADNESS hits a new low, amid plans for a barbaric, offshore avian mincing machine: energetically useless forest of spinning blades, profitable only because of govt subsidies to EON.


The PR-PM, David Cameron’s decisions, like Blair’s before him, are driven significantly by the need to survive politically: hence the thought-light shabbiness of his image-motivated reshuffle.

Accordingly, if he does survive, it will only be narrowly: big wins demand a landslide popularity surge — reserved either for the best, most zeitgeist-tuned actors, or for those with real, palpable conviction.

David Cameron, and his calculated but soggy metro-centrism, fall into neither category: an insult both to the sacked Michael Gove’s pioneering and Herculean education reform, and to previous, principled leaders’ Tory stewardship, they may yet see the Conservatives fall short of a 2015 working majority.

For ill-conceived cynicism, they rather deserve to.