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GOOGLE has today agreed to censor the internet, at the squalid behest of the EU, with all its ambitions for self-preservation and soft dictatorship…

… not to mention UN Agenda 21, in all its “sustainability” couched guises, from the Global Warming lie, to mutation-creating GMO food, restriction of health food and promotion of Big Pharma’s often debilitating chemical soup.

A form can now be completed to block a disputed search result. One would love to know how much evidence must be provided for a successful blocking application. Clearly, the rich and powerful who can employ people to do this full time for them, will regain some of their old, pre-web power.

This is a major boost for any search engine that doesn’t agree to this, for non-EU territories — and thus for UKIP who, despite their very regrettable recourse to racist and xenophobic imagery to gain…

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